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How Women (and men) Invest in Startups

This report is an initiative commissioned by How Women Invest and How Women Lead, with funding from Wells Fargo, and produced by Ventureneer and CoreWoman to identify a roadmap for unlocking women's wealth by motivating more women to invest in startups.

In the United States, startups with at least one female founder received 17% of venture capital in the first half of 2022, according to PitchBook. Startups founded solely by women raised only 2.0% of venture capital.

When female founders are unable to raise venture capital for their companies, they are also unable to create disruptive technologies, products and business models. Women's experiences are different from men's, but they are just as critical to the vitality of the economy.

Women founders and venture fund managers find it more difficult to raise capital from institutional investors and are therefore more reliant on high net worth individuals, also known as accredited investors.

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