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The Role of the Private Sector inthe Transformation of the Care Economy in Latin America

This report underscores the key role of the private sector as a co-responsible actor and highlights the actions that the private sector can take to transform the care economy. Improvements can come specifically from changes related to personnel, internal policies, value and supply chains, and communities, as well as through assistance in shifting cultural patterns or social norms via marketing and communication strategies.

Companies operating in the care sector also can offer solutions through their products and services. Investment funds can contribute to this necessary transformation, either by investing in care-sector companies that offer solutions through their products and services or by using a care lens on the companies in which they invest (in any sector).

This report also reviews different ways in which the private sector can complement and enhance public sector initiatives.

Public investment and policies, together with private sector actions, public-private partnerships, civil society, and communities, will enable us to move toward caring societies that center prosperity and equality.

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The Role of the Private Sector inthe Transformation of the CareEconomy in Latin America Pr
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